Three Years Left on Court Order

>> Saturday, June 5, 2010

Well, shoot, I just got my hopes up and I was wrong.  I was thinking it was two years left for the court order but I was figuring wrong.  It's three years left.  Boy did I jump the gun! 

I've gotten through 14+ years of stress and all that goes along with it (illnesses, anxiety, breakouts bad enough for the best acne treatment, court, and many arguments).  I can handle three more years for my youngest stepchild!  For my oldest stepchild, we just went under the one year mark. That's exciting!  I am looking forward to an "adult" relationship with the "kids" that doesn't have the ex standing in the middle of it.

Plus, the tensions between the two homes aren't as bad as they used to be so if things stay that way, the next three years should definitely be easier than the first three years.  Those were some awfully chaotic, angry years.


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