Thank you, Ex. You are worthless.

>> Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Argh!  Talk about irritating!  With my stepdaughter's problems this past year (20 pound weight loss, anxiety, OCD symptoms, inability to focus/concentrate, etc.), the ex had blood tests done for her a few weeks ago.  Yeah, good idea (something hubby had asked her to do six months ago but because it came from our house, I guess she didn't feel like doing it then).  We asked her to get specific blood tests to check for thyroid problems, adrenal problems, or anemia.  She said she would.  She sent us copies of the labs and they are missing a few important ones.  When we asked her about it, her response:  "That's what they gave me."  Well, did they do the friggen blood tests and forget to give the lab copies for every test or not do them at all?  She was there and asked for certain tests so she's the one who would have the answer.  Is it that difficult to understand?  It's like pulling teeth getting any information out of her!  Is there something wrong with being forthcoming to hubby about what tests have been done on his daughter?

Now we have a bill for several hundred dollars and not enough of what was important, what she said she would have drawn, to tell enough.

My stepdaughter has an appointment next week with a psychiatrist to get on medication for her stress behaviors.  Wouldn't it make sense to see if her inability to focus and remember things is thyroid related?  Wouldn't it make sense to see if she has adrenal problems (the labs showed high cortisol levels but they aren't even addressing it).  Low ferritin could cause anxiety.  It's a blood test vs. months (years?) of medications instead of looking fully to see if there is an underlying reason for the symptoms first.  These things could be thyroid and adrenal related.  I should know since I've had thyroid disease for nine years.  You have to get a certain set of blood tests to get the whole picture.

I'm supposed to be finishing up my work writing about stainless steel drums but she gets me so irritated! It's hard to concentrate on steel drums when I am ticked off at her - again. She is truly useless.

Oh yeah, we'll also get the bill for the medication too, like the halfway attempt she made for blood tests bill. Seems to me I'd be looking for the cause before I'd medicate my kid by something you need a psychiatrist to prescribe!


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