Daughter Wants a Nose Piercing

>> Friday, July 2, 2010

My 8th grade daughter is asking to get her nose pierced to wear a diamond stud in it.  I showed her videos on YouTube of nose piercings (and made myself feel ill since I don't do well with needles, lol).  I thought it would put her off for a few years yet.  It didn't.  She says she still wants one.

I told her I'd talk to her dad about it but I thought she was too young right now for a nose piercing, maybe in a few years.  Because this is MY kid, I'm allowed to make this decision, as opposed to the comment of the anonymous poster on this post who thought it was ok to insult me to the high heavens for not allowing MY 8th grader, the child I gave birth to and am raising, to ride in a car at night from a concert with a teen driver I've never met before. 


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