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>> Friday, July 30, 2010

I am SO glad I went to my family's reunion out of state last weekend.  I almost missed it but hubby nudged me to go.  I hadn't seen 95% of the family at the reunion in years.  My uncle has Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma (Stage IV) and was diagnosed in 2003.  He's living with it (natural treatments) and shocking his doctors.  When I saw him last weekend, he looked SO good.  I am hopeful he'll be at the next reunion but who can say with a Stage IV cancer.  My cousins were as cute as ever (there are some good male genes in our 

I am hoping we won't wait years to plan another family reunion.  I really missed many of my relatives (every family has a few that a person could go without seeing I'd imagine).  For the next one, we need to plan more - games for little children, adult games, and I'd like to get a projector and gather pictures from all the families from years past when we used to have a reunion annually so I've been looking at projector reviews.  I don't know a thing about projectors so I need to look into how best to view them - white screen, television, do they still use slides or are they all digital.  I am clueless.  I remember the projector my father used when I was a kid but they used slides.  I'd imagine they've advanced far more than I could even imagine.

If you've not had a family reunion in years, think about having one.  As dysfunctional as my family I grew up in is, all that stayed out of the way so we could all have a good time and see extended family we hadn't seen in too long. 


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