Seeing the Sister In Law That Hates Me

>> Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Well, our long awaited vacation to see my family and then hubby's family just had a bummer crash into it. It turns out that the day we are driving to my husband's parent's house, the sister-in-law who doesn't like me is also arriving that day!

Summary: The sis-in-law chose friendship with the ex over showing any support whatsoever to her brother during the whole ending of that relationship and years of court battles to just get the ex to follow a court order so obviously, we've had problems over the years. She's left me nasty messages on my answering machine where my kids would hear them. She told me blood was thicker than water - like my husband would side with her and leave me because SHE didn't like me (never mind the children we had together being his blood)...yeah right.

Why do I want to pay to kennel five dogs, drive hours each way with five kids in the car, pay out all that money when we could use it towards bills, to be uncomfortable on my own vacation?

My husband says, "Maybe she wants to forget the past and let it go." Yeah, and maybe I'm going to drop all my weight by tomorrow like I'm on fat burners, have a body like a model, and learn to fly by flapping my arms really hard.

So I am supposed to pretend she didn't leave nasty messages calling me names for my kids to hear while she gleefully looked forward to the day when her brother would dump me because she wanted him to when she's never shown in any way that she didn't mean any of it since then?


mrsguido187 July 8, 2010 at 12:35 AM  

I have one of them too. She was great in the beginning. Then she decided to side with the "Evil One". I wouldn't let it bother you. She might be there but she has to live with the decisions that she makes. I don't hate my SIL. I know that one day she will regret her own decisions. Maybe your SIL is in that spot now. Good luck if you go.

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