Father's Day Bothering Hubby

>> Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My husband is the type of guy that doesn't let things bother him.  He's always been able to blow off things that would irritate many people and getting him to talk about something that bothers him is like pulling teeth without anesthesia.  It's a painful process.

Two days ago, he mentioned the fact that his kids hadn't contacted him for Father's Day, how bad that was, and how he was surprised their mother didn't make sure they did.  My response:  She never has before so why would she this year?  Seriously.  Why would she change 15 years of behavior?  All that aside, the fact that he brought it up on his own, without it being pulled out of him piece by piece, tells me how upset he is about Father's Day.

His kids are 17 and 15.  The whole history with the ex aside, they are old enough to know how to contact their dad for Father's Day, by mail, phone, text, email, or facebook.  There are plenty of means for them to do so.  They chose not to. They chose to let hubby know what stepson needed for his birthday this month though!  Funny how that works.

I have enough things to worry about with my health without putting too much time into stressing overly much, like I used to, over the behaviors of others.  I'll get upset, vent, but I won't lose sleep over it anymore like I used to. I have been sick enough the last few months (too bad that didn't result in more much needed weight loss instead I'm starting to wonder if I really should look at diet pills and the side effects of diet pills).  I can't change their behaviors.  It's not up to me so I'm venting and moving on with my day.  Hubby should talk to his kids and let them know how he feels.  I will not try to fix this for him.  It's up to him.


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