Stepdaughter on Prozac

>> Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Without getting all the blood tests to see if there was an imbalance somewhere, they put my stepdaughter on prozac.  One visit to the psychiatrist and a prescription for prozac.  I hope she doesn't start to have suicidal thoughts like my niece did when she was put on prozac for anxiety. 

When my stepdaughter was here, there were no signs of anxiety.  There were no panic attacks.  There were no obsessive-compulsive symptoms at all.  The OCD symptoms she displays at her mother's relate to her constant apologizing to her mother for perceived wrongs, even if she thinks she might have done something wrong but didn't, she needs to apologize (her need to make sure she hasn't insulted her mother in any way).  The anxiety and panic attacks is when she thinks there is something she did wrong that she needs to tell her mom about but is afraid to and she has a panic attack.  This isn't my "guessing" - it is what my stepdaughter told me. 

Why is it easier to feed her a pill than address the root of the problem - the same problem that has existed all these years and through multipe therapists for both kids that all said - mom is the problem.  This last therapist said - give her prozac.  Why not give MOM prozac instead of the kid? 

That makes me sad for her.


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