Vacation Minus Husband

>> Sunday, July 11, 2010

Well, it doesn't look like we'll be going on vacation, or if we do, hubby will be staying home. 

If we go on vacation, we will be short for our August house payment.  Hours the last few weeks were short for hubby so the expected money isn't there now.  He said he'll stay home (so we don't have to pay to kennel our dogs - saving about $450) and I can take the kids to my family reunion for a couple days if I want to. 

I really, really want to go to my reunion.  There will be family there that I haven't seen in more than a decade.  My uncle, who has been fighting cancer the last few years, is driving from half the country away to attend.  Sadly, this will probably be the last time I ever see him again.  However, it's a long drive with just me and the kids, with a car whose transmission is rumbling at 55mph and 65mph.  It'd be my luck to lose the transmission with four kids in the car. Plus, hubby and I have never done anything apart like this.  We always do family things together. 

I would imagine that the ex wouldn't allow the stepkids to spend the day with me and the kids while we are there, like was planned, since hubby won't be there now. 

Oh yeah, plus I've lost 20 pounds without needing the best weight loss pills that work with my new thyroid medication for my Hashimoto's Thyroiditis and Hypothyroidism. Our reunion is on the'd be fun to be 20 pounds less at the beach!


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