Great dog for family: Toy Poodle

>> Thursday, July 8, 2010

This is my daughter's toy poodle.  She's about five pounds of fluff, very sweet, and great with our kids and other dogs.  I used to be a "big dog" person until we got this little fluffball.  While she needs to be trimmed every few months (if you want a toy poodle kept shorter, then more often, but we let her grow out a bit and get fluffy in between cuts), she has been fantastic with the kids.  I would be careful with really young kids but only because she's definitely more fragile because of her little bone structure and size.  She's not too yipey either (can't stand yipey dogs) and she loves to be held.  In fact, she gives a little jump into your hands when you reach down to pick her up.  She rarely barks but she has started "talking" to us.  It's really cute.  The only problem that I have with her is that I wish she'd stop pottying in my basement (she'll potty outside but then she'll potty in the basement too) and she chewed up one of my nice window blinds! That was so not cool.  That's our fault for putting her up on the couch I guess (she's too little to get up there by herself).  Actually, I can blame hubby on this one because he's the one who puts the dogs on the couch and I'm the one who shoos them off because with five dogs, they take up a lot of space on the couches.  It's always good to blame the husband. 


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