Ex Could Give Whiplash

>> Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The ex sent us my stepdaughter's football band schedule, telling us how much it would mean for us to attend (we live four hours away).  Sure wish she'd been that open to this kind of stuff when we lived two blocks away instead of my getting assaulted while I was pregnant at my stepdaughter's function. 

When we lived two blocks away and attended functions, we got hostility.  Now that we're too far away to be any type of "threat" to whatever insecurities the ex had back then, our younger kids both have soccer and cheerleading on Saturday and Sundays throughout the fall, and it'd cost us about $500 for the family to make that trip which we don't have), she's sending invitations.  Go figure.

Boy is she going to be surprised if we decide to move back. 


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