When Stepkids Tick You Off

>> Sunday, August 22, 2010

My stepkids are supposed to come next weekend for a long weekend - 3 nights (with one of the days taken up with a college tour for my stepdaughter).  So with travel days, it leaves one free day open for spending time together.  She is texting wanting to know if her dad can pick her up a day later because there is a show she wants to go to in their state.  Guess she didn't want that one day to spend time together.  She's been going to shows all summer long (really, all summer long it has been grad parties and concerts - no work, no dad; she just went to a concert last night).  Basically, she just wants to come down here for the college tour, nevermind actually spending time with any of her siblings or her father. 

It's not like we live nearby and see them all the time.  They are 200 miles away and my husband took vacation time from work so he'd be here while they're here next week. 

My husband is hurt.  I'm ticked off.  There is hurt in there as well for me but the "ticked off" is covering it pretty well for me right now so I'm sticking with it.  I'm tired of being hurt over this.  It's been 15 years of it so I've pretty much had it with hurt over a situation I have no control over.

Hubby put it back on his daughter and told her if the show meant that much to her than coming down a day early before the college tour, then to go ahead.  He's never done that before and I am glad he finally did.  At almost 18, she's old enough to know better.  She backed off and is sticking to the original plan.


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