Ack! Moody Men!!

>> Thursday, August 12, 2010

My husband came home from work this morning and a dog accident at the door (not the dog's fault, ours for buying her the food we did yesterday because the normal brand was out at the store) put him into a bad mood. So he's stomping across the floor (above my sleeping head).  I drag myself out of bed and he's griping at a kid sleeping on the couch (I told her to sleep there last night because there was a huge spider near her bedroom that we couldn't find to get rid of).  I hate spiders myself, I'm not going to force her to be scared until she falls asleep in her bed.  Then he goes to take a shower and no towels in the bathroom so he goes slamming out of the bathroom to the laundry room.  We have six people in this house (four of them girls!).  We go through towels like crazy.  I washed them last night and threw them in the dryer so we'd have them this morning.  No, I didn't get up at night to fold them, or even first thing this morning after he stomped the floor enough to wake me.  Boo hoo he had to walk to the dryer to get one.  After the tantrum, I'm tempted to make sure they're not in the bathroom tomorrow morning for him again either!

Who has taken care of all of our own four kids' daily needs (food, baths, cleaning, washing, homework, chauffeur, etc. etc. etc.)  24/7 for the last four years during his wonky work schedule?  Me, because his vampire hours work schedule stinks.  Actually, I've done all that for the duration of our marriage (for all six kids, his included).  His stomping around just ticked me off this morning!

Oh my gawd!  Just go back to work already and don't come home until the temper tantrums pass!!!

He'll go to sleep for the day within the next hour and I'll be left stressed out from his darn mood all day long.  I have cheerleading for three girls to chauffeur, soccer shoe shopping, and a teen pick-up for a pool party today.  I don't have time to be irritable. 

I can't stand that I seem to automatically take on his moods.  It's always been like that.  I need to figure out some way out of it today because I don't want to be irritated all day long.

Wow.  I guess hubby got to me this morning.  PMS?  :)


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