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>> Wednesday, August 25, 2010

As I was going thru my mother-in-law's facebook seeing how much of OUR family information was on there for the ex to see, now that the MIL has friended the ex, I realized that as long as the in-laws have access to things like photos, videos, etc. on my facebook page, I may have very little (no) control over what they "share" of mine onto their facebook page for their friend list's viewing.

If I have a video on my facebook that is set as "friends only" and somebody on my friend list "shares" it on their facebook, does it show up for everybody on their facebook page or only their friends who are also my friends?  I think it does because if I remember correctly, a friend of mine did that so her mom could see a video I'd taken (her mom wasn't on my friend list).

They've put my family videos onto their own personal facebook pages (different from being tagged).  I don't want my family videos out there for the ex's viewing "pleasure".

I've figured out that there is anger but more than that, there is hurt if the tears I want to cry are any indication.  They KNOW how things have been with the ex for 14+ years.  They KNOW their son's feelings about the ex.  If they want to friend the ex on facebook, that's their decision but they've shared our personal family videos and photos on their facebook page.  They should know that we would never, ever share those with the ex.  I think they should remove our own personal videos they've shared.  I took them.  They aren't theirs to share with the ex.


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