Non-Custodial Parents: Did you contact the school yet?

>> Sunday, October 3, 2010

If you are a non-custodial parent, did you remember to contact the school to ensure you are on their mailing and contact list for your kids? I usually remember to do this in August but with all the activity with job hunting and house hunting, I have to admit that I forgot until I received my own kids interim reports and realized we hadn't contacted my stepkids' school yet. They started two weeks later, in September, than my kids so we haven't missed anything yet thankfully.

I sent an email last night to the school principal, from hubby of course, requesting we be on the mailing list for progress reports, report cards, and any other important information that concerns the kids, along with our current address. 

Don't forget to check the school web site calendar to make your calendars with important dates - parent teacher conferences, band concerts, sports schedules, etc.  No point in waiting for the ex to provide all of that for you (if she or he does).


Anonymous October 7, 2010 at 6:51 PM  

I did!! I also joined the PTA this year. Although, I still have to do most of the leg work to make sure we get the same info as the children's mother, but it's well worth it.

This is my second year at being so proactive; ever since we missed the end of the year school program in 2009. I still have to stop in the school every week(new school this year so I'm starting over) and pick up things I haven't received. The schools now days should have a better system in place for children with more than one family (unfortunately, I think it's far more common to have a multiple family).

Anonymous October 18, 2010 at 7:55 AM  

Very nice post!

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