Christmas List for Teenage Girl

>> Friday, October 15, 2010

My teenage daughter has told me what she put on her Santa list - an iPod Touch.  Yeah, right.  Keep dreaming.  I got an iPod Touch and it's great, but I got mine for a survey I participated in and it was free.  It slides right into the little slot for iPods on my stereo so I can listen to it through my stereo speakers (which I prefer...don't like to wear the ear buds).  It was a bonus for being the best participant in this survey forum.  Little different when you actually have to buy one.  I told her to look at an ipod nano or another mp3 player along those lines.  Several of her friends have an iPod Touch though and after using mine and seeing her friends', she has her heart set on it. 

Santa is going to disappoint this year I think.


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