He Didn't Go

>> Sunday, October 24, 2010

My husband didn't drive out of state on Friday nine hours to spend 10 minutes watching a band performance.  He mentioned Thursday night that he might not go, there was overtime available and he thought he should take it.  Gee ya think?  He had also asked me Thursday morning, "How long is this going to go on?"  (meaning how long was I going to be mad).  Until I feel heard and respected I would guess. 

When he came home from work on Friday morning, he said he wasn't going and that his daughter said she understood (though he's not sure if she really did) he had to work but she did ask him if he was going to be able to make any of her band performances.  We drove up this year already and watched her in two concerts...she's forgotten I guess.  Of course, dad didn't correct her on that little fact either (I would've!).

Not going didn't get the husband out of the dog house.  I feel a bit betrayed.  That doesn't just go away, especially when it took several weeks of upset for him to come to that decision!  It seems more like he was waiting me out, to see how mad I would stay at him, before he decided not to go.  He can't win with me this month I guess.

I did keep my plans with my kiddos though.  We went costume shopping for a few hours and then out to dinner.  I will have a princess, a monster bride, the grim reaper, and a bee to take out trick-or-treating this year.


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