Gained 9 of 18 Pounds Back

>> Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Within the past year, I lost 18 pounds and was thrilled!  It meant only another 18 pounds to go!  Well, I've since gained back 9 of those 18 pounds.  So frustrating.

My thyroid disease is such a struggle and causes so many other problems besides just weight gain.  I am really tired of this little organ! 

My husband doesn't care - says there is more of me to love.  That really doesn't help, but he's trying to get out of the doghouse.  I don't want MORE of me to love.  I want LESS.  I read up a bit on the side effects of weight loss pills but I don't need an appetite suppressant. There's nothing wrong with my appetite. My thyroid has my metabolism down to nothing!

I have an appointment next Friday with my thyroid doctor.  I am curious what his next step will be because so far, his way hasn't worked yet.  I know my way does because I've done it before and was healthier for it.  I'm just trying to stay within the supervision of a doctor but I'm about fed up.


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