Lots to Think About!

>> Thursday, October 7, 2010

I went to the barn and worked with my horse this morning and spent a lot of time just loving on my and my daughter's horses for awhile to help my mood.  It did wonders for my mood...until I came home anyway.

I really have some thinking to do.  We were planning on moving back to my stepkids' state as soon as we could (find job) but after this latest fight with hubby, I'm not sure I want to under these circumstances.  If he's not going to talk to me about things that affect our home where it concerns his kids first (like he used to) and if he's going to let the ex and his kids dictate our time/finances, why would I uproot my own kids from their home, friends and school to move us (by myself since hubby would be already up there working ahead of us) to another state, if it would mean fighting with hubby every week instead of a couple times a year? 

A friend I was talking to today said that maybe all of this happened for a reason right now - to let me see what we would be moving back to...a little reminder.


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