Busy Weeks!

>> Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The weeks are so busy!  I can't wait until Monday comes around when there is nowhere I have to go or nothing I have to do. 

My daughter has a field trip tomorrow to a one-room school house.  They want them to dress like the days from that time period.  I don't have skirts down to their shoes, etc.  I am going to run out today to see if I can find a Holly Hobby halloween costume or something like that for next to nothing.  I am going to try the Goodwill first.  Maybe I'll get lucky and find something suitably "old-fashioned".  I am surrounded by Amish but I think it'd be a bit rude to ask them for clothes.   

My other daughter has a field trip to a farm, soccer practice and game, cheerleading, football game, riding, etc.  I have to get an auto insurance quote and schedule eye appointments. I need an assistant!  I need to find a new home for the little stray allergy ball of cat fur that has made herself so at home in our house.   So much to do!

I encourage the kids to sign up for sports, etc., but secretly start wishing for the end of the season by halfway through the season!  With four kids, and just myself to take care of it all, I can't help it.


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