Do you ever wonder what your spouse was thinking?

>> Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Do you ever wonder what your significant other was thinking when they hooked up with the ex?  I don't too often anymore (it used to be a regular thing) because I don't have to see her very often.  It's not until it comes time to see his ex  that I have to wonder. 

He is a good advertisement on why a pick up in a bar is not a safe thing with somebody you don't know all that well.  It's not just herpes simplex you have to be careful of but life-threatening diseases, pregnancy (oops, that's the one he helped himself into:), and dealing with "wonderful" personalities for 18 years (yeah, he got that one too).  That short relationship resulted in a beautiful little child (which resulted in a longer relationship) so there was a reason I guess but it still makes me wonder what he was thinking when I look at her because she and I are so different in a "I'm not dowdy" or "uptight" or "misandry" kind of way.  When you're younger, I guess you're not thinking all that much.

I'm getting snippy because it's almost time to see her again and I like it better when she stays outside my daily bubble.  Seeing her is a reminder of all the years of court fights and daily conflict and it brings some of that anger back. 

We're just really different in a lot of important ways (in ways that he appreciates in me) so it makes me wonder sometimes.  Perhaps youth is the only answer...or the beverages served that night.


mrsguido187 March 23, 2010 at 4:25 PM  

LOL! Thanks for putting that into words. DH met the "Evil One" when he was a bouncer in a bar. He is paying dearly for that youthful indescretion.
I love the quote about the drinks that were served. In DH's case it was Crown and Coke..LOL!

Life of a Stepmama March 24, 2010 at 9:24 AM  

At least you can blame his age! My BF was 30 when he made his stupid mistake. I still wonder what he was thinking and so does everyone else that knows him. He had just been left by his wife who was MODEL PRETTY and this young 20 year old showed him interest. She played him perfectly that is for sure. Guys can be so stupid when it comes to women. I try not to focus on it much but it is hard not to, knowing her personality and seeing her really makes me wonder why?? When he could get any girl he wanted. I guess we have all dated or hooked up with someone maybe not on our level so to speak but this set new records I am sure of it. Sorry to sound catty but its true!

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