Last Post...Have a Good Weekend

>> Wednesday, March 24, 2010

This is my last post until after we see the ex.  Unless I check in via cell phone with posts, which isn't likely because it is going to be a busy kind of vacation, this is it.  I hope everybody has a good weekend.  I probably won't sleep much and will be wishing for sleeping pills to zonk me out but I have so much to do.  Who has time to sleep? Not me.   Baths, laundry, dog baths, packing, lists,'s a lot of work to go on vacation.  (Have you ever realized that it's usually mom who does all the work and the other parent who actually feels like they're on vacation?)

Have a good weekend!  Stay safe.  I hope the weather cooperates for everybody.  Fingers crossed that my car gets us where we need to go!


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