Look Twice for Motorcycles

>> Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Spring is upon us.  I wanted to send a reminder to everybody to please, please, please double-check now that motorcycles are hitting the roads again in the north.  I don't ride anymore since my cousin died on a motorcycle due to another driver not seeing him when he was 18 but it's a sad reminder to me every year of how important it is to really look for those motorcycles before you pull out into a road (or change lanes). 

He died through another motorist's carelessness and it destroyed his family.  They had no repercussion.  The man was not punished in any way because it was a small, rural town and he knew the right people that the court case was nothing more than a joke for him, never mind the loss of a young life. 

If you live near Pleasonton, California, and are in search of a pleasanton motorcycle accident attorney, check online. Perhaps a good attorney can make a better difference in prosecuting vehicular homicide in court than my family has experienced with the court for my cousin.


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