When the Heart Packs Up

>> Tuesday, March 23, 2010

This blog is getting close to the 90K visitor mark.  Lately, this blog has been getting hits through a web directory that I had forgotten I had listed it with. If you would like to subscribe via RSS or email, or follow this blog, the links are in the left margin. 

There are articles I wrote about adjusting, disengaging, tips, etc. listed in the left margin also that were written when my head (ok, my heart too) were in a better place so they're not too snippy.  Written at a time when I was reading everything I could get my hands on about blending families, relationships, etc.  When all my time was spent caring for stepchildren and blending the "ours" with the "his".  I wanted to learn everything I could to handle very difficult circumstances.  It's the ups and downs on the roller coaster life of a blended family that dynamics and attitudes change I guess.  Despite the ex and the antics, it was easier when the kids were younger in terms of a relationship with them.  It's when they get older and all the nastiness takes root in them, in one way or another, that it's a struggle at times to remain open-minded (and open-hearted as well).  "Hard" becomes positively difficult.  Step-parenting little ones is easy compared to the later years.  Sometimes, the heart just wants to pack up its stuff and go home for awhile. 

Human nature I guess...the same way children sometime need to let go of you to protect themselves from their other parent as well.


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