Want Stepdaughter to Live Here for College

>> Wednesday, May 12, 2010

We have this program here where high school kids can go to college, while in high school, and get college credit for it.  It's free too as long as they pass their classes.  My husband sent the information to his ex the other day to see if she'd be agreeable to my stepdaughter living here for her senior year in high school so she can get her first year of college classes/books free.  She's in honors/advanced classes now and would do well with this program according to the school.  I know we don't have the money to send her to college and my stepdaughter says her mother doesn't either.  This would give her a good start to get her first year of core classes done plus she'll get high school credit and graduate as well - all in one. 

I doubt if her mother will agree.  My husband hasn't said anything to my stepdaughter about it.  He wanted to get her mother's input on it.  A decision needs to be made before Friday though for deadlines and here we are at Wednesday and no word. 

I don't think it will happen, regardless of the free college AND it gets her out of the bad situation she is in with the boyfriend/ex-boyfriend that put her in therapy.  It's not like my stepdaughter is a baby and the ex is still wondering how to fade stretch marks. She graduates in a year anyway. It means she leaves one year early and doesn't move away from both of them for college, she comes to her home with her father for her first year of college.

The chances of this happening? Slim to none. 

What an opportunity I'd LOVE to have.  I wish I could get a year of college classes for free.

Would she even leave the bad influence of the boyfriend/ex-boyfriend to do it?  Who knows. 


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