Family Movie Night - Peter Pan & Goosebumps

>> Friday, May 14, 2010

There is a really cute Peter Pan from 2003 that my kids are raving over, especially my 13-year-old who seems to have found a new heart throb in Jeremy Sumpter who plays Peter Pan in this version.  It's a switch from all the Twilight addiction, at least until June when Eclipse hits theatres.  We usually have family movie night if my husband isn't working on weekends and this was a cute one to share. 

I think this weekend it is a Goosebumps movie.  That whole series isn't a favorite of mine but the kids like them.  To me it's just silly storylines and bad acting with blobby characters who look like they should be looking at weight loss pill comparison reports or look so fake that it looks like the costumes came right out of a Halloween, U.S.A.  The last one had this big sponge with fake eyes.  You would think that because the Goosebumps series was so popular when it came out, they'd have done a better job with the movie versions.  If I sneak some reading in while they are engrossed in the movie, I wonder if they'll notice.


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