Teenage Years are Trying Times Already!

>> Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My stepdaughter told me when she was down here that she had been engaged this past year (she's a junior in high school).  Surprised was one word I'd use to describe my reaction, but I didn't let her know any of my feelings about it.  Yikes!

Knowing what we know now about her boyfriend (or ex...if he is an ex...who knows anymore), she dodged a bullet if they're no longer together.  I think he has the possibility of being physically dangerous (he's already emotionally/mentally dangerous in our opinion). 

She did go to prom with him this last weekend, supposedly as friends.  She wasn't allowed to drive with him but met him there instead.  Her mother drove her and picked her up which was a good thing.  I wonder if they're really just friends or pretending to be just friends because she knows her mother won't let her near him otherwise. 

This teenage stuff?  It stinks.  She's the oldest.  We have five more to go!


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