Wondering if Stepdaughter Would Live With Us

>> Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I just found out today from a friend that the local University offers classes to high school juniors and seniors for college credit.  Instead of attending high school, they attend the college if their SAT scores are high enough.  If the grades stay high, college is free!  That would be fantastic for my stepdaughter to do since we have no idea how we are going to pay for her college.  It gets her that much closer to her vet degree AND gets her away from the bad boy that has been causing her so much emotional and mental distress. 

Even with all of that, I am not sure the ex would let her do it.  My stepdaughter would have to live with us.  I contacted our high school and the college to get more information so we can look it over anyway.  Doesn't hurt to ask for it.

In the meantime, we have some things to look forward to.  My sister is planning on bringing her RV to our state to camp and spend time with us.  My kids love that.  I'm sure she knows what to do for a travel emergency since they've had the RV for a few years now. I think it'd be fun, especially for the kids. Their RV is like a home.  Then we will make another trip this summer to the state my stepkids live so going to have to start saving for that now too.

Lots to look forward to.  I think it'd be great if my stepdaughter could get college credit during her senior year of high school for free.  Definitely need more information!


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