Ex and Stepdaughter Hiding Something?

>> Monday, April 5, 2010

Well, I did as hubby asked and contacted sd to let her know if she ever wanted to talk, she could contact me any time, that we loved her and would be there for her when she needed us.  Her response threw me!

Her responses:

What do you know? 

Can you tell me what you know?  I'm not mad.  I just want to know.  When I told her anxiety over stuff, she responded with:

That's it? 

The ex had emailed dh that she was very worried about sd and gave very limited details - anxiety, panic attacks, and obsessive/compulsive behaviors but she gave abso-fricken-lutely NO details whoatsover. 

OK...anxiety over what?  Panic attacks when?  What behavior is she exhibiting that is obsessive/compulsive?  DH emailed her back asking for details and the ex has ignored that email.  Dad has a right to this information.  Why hide it?

As long as there is a court order with shared legal custody and hubby shares responsibility for his daughter, as he should, the ex has a LEGAL obligation to let him know what the heck is going on! 

We've drafted a letter to the therapist asking for a report, however, the ex just changed the therapist to a different one/office altogether so not sure now if the first therapist will give hubby any details easily.  Dad should NOT have to chase this kind of information down.  This is his daughter's mental health! 

Usually, we get in with the doctors/therapists immediately and have our own relationship with them separate from the ex.  This time, we let her lead since she is seeing the behaviors and we aren't and thought since we all weren't cat fighting constantly anymore, she'd be more forthcoming.  BIG MISTAKE!  You can bet that there is going to be a letter sent to the new therapist right away so we maintain communication throughout instead of depending on the ex.  A letter should also be sent to the court for the court order violation.

People really don't change.

I took some nice pictures of my sd with her boyfriend while we were over that way last week with them that I was going to make photo cards of or blow up, frame, and send to her.  I know in my gut after our contact last night that she is hiding something from her dad and I.  Heck, take me out of the equation.  She is hiding something from her dad and the ex is a part of it.  Nothing about that is ok.  That kind of kills my "do something nice" mood.


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