Stress in the Stepfamily

>> Friday, April 30, 2010

Well, the scale says +2 pounds and I'm still waiting for word from my doctor on what to do about my thyroid medication dosage (which needs to change).  I hope he gets back to me before I gain all the weight I lost back!  Maybe in the meantime I should check into getting some exercise equipment. I was outside with my four-year-old yesterday running around the yard with her and boy did she wear me out!  I really need to work on my endurance (in between puffs on my asthma inhaler I guess). 

You have to watch what the constant stress a lot of us live in for years does to the human body.  I truly believe the constant stress (constant cortisol output stressing the adrenals and thyroid) is where my thyroid disease came from.  Nobody blood-related to me in my family has thyroid disease which my doctor found very surprising.  Doesn't appear to be inherited! 

Do what you can to rid yourself of constant stress.  It does affect your health!  We have the fight or flight response but when the "fight" lasts for years, it's not good for you.


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