Stepdaughter's Grades Dropped

>> Friday, April 16, 2010

With all the drama in my stepdaughter’s life right now, her mom said her ACT scores weren’t as good as expected because she couldn’t focus and her regular grades have fallen somewhat. They are still good grades but if she wants to get into a university to be a veterinarian, she’s going to have to bring them up quick. I hope she doesn’t allow the drama with her current boyfriend to affect her future college choices. That would be a shame since she’s been preparing during high school by taking honor classes now to get the credit to help her get into a good school. I wonder if she has done any sat prep or plans to. I am going to have to ask my husband if she's talked about it yet or ask her mom about it since she should have good scores on her SAT's for college (can you believe I am actually typing about communication with the ex?).  I never thought I'd see the day when the ex and I would be communicating together for the kids.  It's a very nice change. 

She asked her dad if we would make arrangements for her to tour two of our colleges within an hour’s ride of us. I am surprised she is even considering out state but happy too. I think she’ll end up going in her home state but it’s nice that she’s considering colleges close to us as well.  Now *fingers crossed* that she gets focused back on her grades and does better on her SAT than she did on her ACT.


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