Drama with Stepdaughter

>> Sunday, April 25, 2010

Well, the drama with my stepdaughter continues and so does the cooperation between the ex and us.  She must be at her wit's end to be asking for advice and support from us.  Of course, we are giving it to her.  It has to be stressful living with the teenaged issues 24/7 as opposed to us getting it from a distance, other than when my stepdaughter spent a few days with us here a couple weeks ago.  This is the longest break-up in history between my stepdaughter and her boyfriend and I'm not sure they really are broken up or if it is their way to manipulate the ex into giving them what they want.  I'm emotionally drained and stressed and showing it (acne medication is a necessity from break-outs from stress) and we're 200 miles away. 

I hate to say this but I don't think it is going to get better for my stepdaughter until 1) school is over for the summer or 2) she finishes her school year somewhere else.  She needs to be away from the current situation she is in with this guy she is emotionally wrapped up with in a very unhealthy way and therapy isn't going to fix it fast enough though hopefully it helps her sooner rather than later.  It's not an instant fix.  I don't think aything is going to change from my stepdaughter's end until he isn't in the picture everyday.  Summer will give her a breather and hopefully a chance to heal and get stronger, like she used to be.


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