Heart Tests Fine

>> Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My stepdaughter's heart test was fine.  She has a heart murmur, which most kids get at some point in their life and doesn't require treatment of any kind.  My oldest daughter has a heart murmur and we didn't need to freak out and get the expensive tests at the elite treatment center to get that diagnosis.  Thankfully we have insurance so most of it will be covered (the rest is out-of-pocket...oh joy).  It's no wonder my stepdaughter has an appointment with a psychiatrist (Her 3rd?  4th?  I've lost track).  She lives with a person who instills in her a neurotic fear over everything and everybody.  It's going to hurt when those apron strings get cut! 

My oldest daughter was diagnosed yesterday with costochondritis according to our pediatrician after an exam.  It's an inflammation of the cartilage connecting the ribs to the sternum and is common in athletes.  It's expected to clear up on its own within the next several weeks.  She was diagnosed based on the area where the pains were and her activity level.  I guess I could've freaked out and requested heart tests be done, like the ex:)  Meow.


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