Financial Situation Going Down the Toilet

>> Thursday, February 4, 2010

With spring six weeks away, I automatically started planning spring improvements (bringing stone in for the garden, a new front door) before I remembered we can't afford even new light fixtures, let alone the front exterior door.  The child support is always paid on time but we are about to lose our house.  As long as the ex has money to blow on shopping and eating out while we lose our house for our own four kids, that's all that matters.

Yes, I am in an irritated mood right now.  The financial situation is getting worse.  Hubby's employer keeps getting our hopes up that work is coming and then they back out of it the day before it is supposed to happen.  We could file bankruptcy to get rid of all the extra debt and reconfirm the house and cars but the attorney wants $1,000 to file.  If we had an extra $1,000, we wouldn't be in such immediate danger of losing the house.  Hello! 


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