Costochondritis Not Improved

>> Saturday, February 20, 2010

We thought after two weeks of no cheerleading or weights due to three different snow storms that blew through here cancelling school for 1-1/2 weeks that my daughter's costochondritis had a good chance to heal.  She had her first game back Thursday and then another today for tournaments.  We were wrong.  She is back to hurting again.  There is one more game and then basketball season is done.  I will be glad to see it over because of all the running back and forth.  The kids don't seem to mind, but I am tired!  I guess I need youthology (or a whole lot of caffeine) so I don't look haggard and ancient next to the younger crowd.  My daughter definitely needs some time off from activities so she can heal fully.

The doctor didn't restrict her activities for cheerleading or gym (I restricted her from weights personally with her teacher myself) but maybe I should have restricted her from the other activities as well.  He said if she's not better in four weeks to bring her back so if she's not improved in the next two weeks, back we go to the pediatrician.


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