Admitting To Middle-Age

>> Saturday, February 20, 2010

I have lost enough weight to be able to get my wedding band and anniversary band back on again!  I was so happy to be able to slide the rings back on again today.  When they were put on my finger, I was a size 2/4.  I am nowhere near a 2/4 again but I am definitely feeling better about myself at the moment.  I've lost enough to get my sparklies back on again.  I am a diamond girl!  Once I meet my weight goal, I found these hot pair of heels today that I am going to reward myself with.  They would look sexy with a pair of skinny jeans (well, maybe not skinny but skinnier).

One thing I have noticed though is as the weight leaves my face, I'm seeing more wrinkles show up.  I guess the fat filled out my wrinkles for me.  (Gosh, I hope my chest doesn't head further south as I lose more weight too.)  I might have to look up some wrinkle-fighting information.  If I find something that works without huge expense, I'll post about it with a learn more here link for y'all.

I want to grow old gracefully but not roll over and play dead to becoming middle-aged!.  Oh my gosh...middle-aged.  I am middle-aged.  That stinks.  I never said that before (or acknowledged it).  Middle-aged reminds me of my parents, but that's not right anymore.  They are seniors now.  Oh, acknowledging how old I actually am kind of hurts.


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