Countdown to Seeing Ex: One Month

>> Thursday, February 25, 2010

We are going on vacation next month - back to the state where we both grew up, met, loved, married, born a couple of our own children and fled with the hounds of hell yapping at us (ok, it was the ex and a family member of the ex but it sure sounded like the hounds of hell nagging at us 24/7 when we were there).  Rabid dogs behave miserably don't they?

My teen daughter decided she wanted a party in the home state for her birthday with family (instead of a party with her friends) so even though her birthday was last month, she's having the big party next month.  So, off we will go in a month for spring break...

I haven't seen the ex since last summer (it's been great) and since we are staying 15 minutes from where my stepkids live, of course we will be seeing them and hopefully having them at my daughter's birthday party (ya know, the birthday they ignored, didn't wish her a happy birthday for, send a text for, or anything like that).  It'd mean a lot to my daughter.

The stepkids know we are coming.  If they make other plans (like they tend to do all summer long), it wouldn't be a big surprise.  Legally, spring break is my husband's parenting time this year so they should set aside a couple days of it to spend with dad and siblings.  Legally, he could take them for the entire break so he's really not asking for much from them.  Ex's and teenagers - yikes!

Can't wait to see the ex in a month!  Not.  < - - - that's sarcasm.


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