My dog is dead but it's all about my stepdaughter.

>> Thursday, June 2, 2011

Two days ago, we had to put my husky to sleep.  We adopted her for me from a rescue 11+ years ago.  She was my girl - my dog - and the tears just won't stop.

Prior to taking her to the vet, I posted on my facebook how she was in pain and we were taking her to the vet to see if he thought it was time to let her go.  I've actually posted about it several times over the past few months on my facebook so it's not a surprise.  When we got to the vet on Tuesday, it was time to let her go.  She passed peacefully but my husband and I left there both crying and devastated.

When we got home, I didn't want to talk to anybody.  I was practically choking on the sadness.  I posted on my facebook an RIP for her with some pictures for family so they'd know it was done.  When my kids got home from school, I was there for them.  They lived with my dog every day and it affected them. When they went to bed, the quiet in the house gave me too much time to think - the sadness was overwhelming.  My girl wasn't in her spot sleeping and it hurt. Waking up the next morning, when my mind remembered she was gone, was overwhelming.  It's been a crappy two days.   I have not been able to sit still since then.  I have to keep busy or else I think too much and I cry.  I miss my dog like crazy.

While at my 8th grade daughter's graduation this morning, I get a text from my adult stepdaughter:  "Is there a reason no one told us she died?"  (She is on my facebook so she knew...she also knew where we were at the time she was texting because she'd obviously been on my facebook.)

Because it's not something you text?  Because you NEVER answer the phone if we call in YEARS? Because she was MY dog?  Because you have seen her twice in six years and didn't much care about her those two times anyway?  Because we put it on facebook for family to see because it was too hard to talk about?  Because it's not about YOU?

I'm livid.  She was MY dog.  Why does my stepdaughter have to turn this into it being about her?  She doesn't have the right. She could care less that she's gone.  She doesn't care all that much about me either right now (remember...she took away my graduation ticket - the graduation we are driving to her state for tomorrow?!?!). She doesn't contact her younger siblings - not on birthdays, etc. She does not act like she's a part of this family.  Was I supposed to call her crying, to tell her my dog was dead, a dog she's hardly seen in years?

Who does she think she is - taking away her ticket to me for her graduation ceremony this weekend but texting me during my daughter's 8th grade graduation to complain about MY dog's death?

What would've been nice?  "Gee, stepmom's name, I'm sorry to hear your dog is dead."  You know, like everybody else said.

She also was forwarding my response text to somebody (I'm assuming her mother) because she accidentally forwarded my text response that I'd sent to her back to me.  Like I care.


Anonymous June 4, 2011 at 9:09 AM  

Why all the sudden disrespect from her?? I know that it hasn't been an easy road because of the Ex interfering in EVERYthing that you guys have tried to do with them/for them, but what suddenly flipped with your SD that she is being so blatently disrespectful, rude and just down right mean???

Syn June 6, 2011 at 8:44 AM  

The only thing we can think is its the Prozac. We saw them this past weekend and she is definitely different. The way she speaks is entirely different. She wasn't disrespectful or anything towards us this past weekend (it was actually a good weekend with them), but she is nothing like the girl that was at our house last - or for the last 15+ years. If I had to listen to the then and now, I wouldn't think it was the same person.

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