Summer Visitation - Maybe - Sans the Boyfriend

>> Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My stepkids might be coming for a few days next month.  We had talked about it with my stepson when we were in their state a couple weeks ago but because my stepdaughter had a summer job and graduated high school, we didn't expect her to come.  She said she wants to come (she must've quit her job...huh, can't pay for birth control that way) but she wants to bring her high school boyfriend.  To sleep over.  For a week.  When he's a minor.  When we have our own four kids in the house.


Her mother allows it (sd even has pics of him in her bed on her facebook).  I'm not her mother. Thankfully, hubby and I were on the same page with the answer to the boyfriend coming too - NO!  

I'm curious to see if she'll come without the boyfriend.  


Aunt T~ June 22, 2011 at 11:02 PM  

That is a 100% ridiculous request! My money goes on she won't come now =( Hope BM is ready to be "Grandma" because sadly that seems to be where this is going... I sure wish all parents could actually BE parents :/

Anonymous June 24, 2011 at 12:12 PM  

My mother didn't allow me to sleep at boyfriend's house untill i didn't get my Master degree (when i was in high school i couldn't even imagine asking for something like that), when i was staying in my parents house. Today i'm grateful to her for being strict. This is even worse, she want to bring him to your/her mothers house. But, your stepdaughters mother (same with my skids mother) is someone who thinks that getting pregnant is a way to keep a man in her life, so you couldn't expect better education for kids from her. She, your SD, doesn't have to come and you don't have, and shouldn't have, to allow anything you wouldn't advise or allow your own kids to do.

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