Wet Dog Smell

>> Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Yum, that wet dog smell is drifting through my house right now - and it's not from the dogs...it's from me.  What a nice aroma!

This morning, I gave my daughter's toy poodle a bath before the vet appointment (because yesterday's bath didn't last long after she went outside this morning and rolled in the mud).  I took my shirt off before the bath because I knew she was going to get me wet - me in my bra giving a toy poodle a bath - yippee.  I was right...she got me wet.  Shirt dry so  no big deal.

Take two dogs to the vet a little while ago - the sun is shining.  Walk out of the vet with a 4.8 lb. dog and a 6.8 lb. dog and it's booming - thunder, lightning, and pouring rain.  I have dogs in my arms who are acting like they were totally traumatized at the vet and it's pouring on us.  Yum - the transfer of wet dog smell all over my shirt - the one I made a special effort to keep dry this morning.


One of the worst smells, to me, is wet dog.  I can handle poopy diapers.  I can even handle dog gas better.  Wet dog smell just makes me want to yak.  Tomorrow, I get to take two more dogs to the vet, and three kids, and it's supposed to storm again tomorrow.  Fun days!


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