Not Supposed to Buy Anything for Ourselves?

>> Friday, May 6, 2011

We bought a new "used" vehicle today.  My husband's car was 13 years old and mine was 10 years old.  My husband's was the worse out of the two (ready for the junk heap condition) so we traded his in.  We bought a new "used" vehicle (two years old) for me to haul our kids in safely - it's the car I've wanted for several years now...not the color, but the model:)  I have this thing about color and gray isn't it...though gray is what I always seem to end up with.  Hubby will take over my old car for his work vehicle.

Do you ever feel funny about buying something where the ex is concerned? We do and that's just not right.  Even though it's used, etc., and the ex is driving a brand new car (and we're pretty sure the ex is going to buy my sd a new car too), I get the feeling like we're not supposed to buy anything new (or used in our case) or else.


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