She's a good mom?

>> Monday, May 9, 2011

On my MIL's Facebook yesterday, my MIL told the ex she was doing a good job (in response to the ex kissing up and telling my MIL Happy Mother's Day).  When?  When she alienated the kids from their dad?  When she manipulated them right into therapy many times and Prozac?  When she changed therapists every time a therapist would say the ex's behavior was the reason the kids were in therapy?  When she didn't take my stepson to his speech and occupational therapy and the wicked stepmom did?  When she didn't give the kids boundaries or rules or consequences?  When she allowed my super bright stepson to almost fail all three years of junior high because she couldn't be bothered making sure he did his homework?  When she lied to my stepdaughter's pediatrician about the source of her stomachaches and put her through stool checks, enemas and x-rays and other medical tests rather than tell the doctor they happened when mom cried when they left to go to dad's house two blocks up the damn road?  When my stepdaughter became so fearful of hurting her mother's feelings in some way she stopped going to dad's house and became over-apologetic and started having panic attacks when she thought she'd disappointed her mother?  When my stepdaughter said that she'd rather die than worry about her mom anymore?  When the ex allowed her kid to be vulgar and pornographically obscene in front of younger kids?  When she excused my stepson's violent behavior every time he physically harmed one of his younger siblings (MY kids)?  When the ex cried in front of them every time they left with their dad until they just refused to leave her home crying alone anymore because she has no life and is pathetic?  When she allowed her kids to be inactive and unhealthy?  When she taught the kids that dad just doesn't matter?  When she taught her kids that their younger siblings matter even less?

When was she doing a good job?

Oh, she gave birth to them.  That excuses everything else!

So, if that is the definition of good parenting, what's the definition for bad parenting?


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