What has the ex accused you of?

>> Tuesday, September 20, 2011

What are some truly pathetic things you have been accused of?

  • I've been accused of stealing my stepdaughter's black leggings when she was four years old. Seriously - I STOLE a pair of leggings?  Too pathetic.  The ex and her sister called to gripe and accuse me.  They had nothing better to do?  I had sent them back with my stepdaughter when she went to her mom's house clean and folded like I always did.  You know, that wicked stepmom doing her stepchildren's laundry and folding it neatly so it all went back to mom's house clean.  Then my stepdaughter wore them back to our house the next time she came over!  Hm, guess I didn't steal them.  Nope, no apology from the ex for that accusation (I didn't hold my breath waiting for one).
  • I've been accused of stealing my husband's manhood.  That one cracked me up!  I'm just a regular thief! I told her if she'd known what to do with his manhood to begin with, she wouldn't have lost it herself.  Yeah, I'm not nice when stupidity tries to cause problems in my family.
  • My husband was accused of stalking by the ex.  She said he sat outside her trailer and watched her because somebody told her they saw his car there - yeah, to pick up his kids!  I told her he didn't want her when he lived with her and that he and I were always together and she wasn't my type:)  That shut her up.  Give an uptight homophobe that line and she backs right off, lol. 
  • The ex tried to tell my hubby that I pushed their daughter when she was little (the same little girl who never did anything wrong as a little one and who was always sweet and loving...never laid a finger on either stepchild, never did and never will).  The ex did whatever she could to come between us. Her plan failed.

This is the same woman who, last year, sent her daughter to me to try to help her because she was having an emotional crisis.  Amazing what happens over the years.

Now I just wish she'd go away except for the few times a year we have to deal with her for my stepson.  These monthly bill sending sprees she has been on since my stepdaughter became an adult, that we aren't liable for, is getting old. She really needs to get a life.  It's been long enough.  Isn't 16 years long enough to stay hung up on the past and your ex?


Smirking Cat September 28, 2011 at 12:26 PM  

I have been accused of being the cause of my boyfriend's and his psycho ex's divorce (even though I lived 300 miles away when she left with the kids); I have been accused of sexually abusing the kids (even though their mother is the one who watches porn movies with them in the room); I have been accused of threatening the BM, even though the only threats have been issued by her and her father to me and to the kids' father; I have been accused of coming along to the kids' events just to aggravate the BM, as if that makes any sense at all (like it is my fault the BM is too hopelessly childish to handle me being there); and so many other things there is not enough room to type it all here.

The BM likes to point her fingers at me. It excuses her, in her head, of taking responsibility for her emotions, reactions, and behavior.

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