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>> Thursday, April 21, 2011

So much for getting some distance from her suffocating mother.  My stepdaughter isn't going to room at college. She's going to drive back and forth (about an hour each way - in good traffic).  That means she doesn't need that huge flat-screen television from us anymore that she'd "requested" for her dorm room for her graduation present (along with a projector and brand new car - the other two items she asked us for...I know, pick yourself up off the floor...I had to.).  Now she has requested we buy her college books for her as her high school graduation gift.  How much are books anyway for a college that costs $65,000/year?  Any estimates?  I don't have a clue either.

So, continuing to live with the ex while in college means that, 1) sd will continue to feel like she needs prozac, 2) child support will drop a little because she'll have graduated but the relationship will remain the way it is now - difficult - because mommy dearest will be standing between her kid and her kid's father.  Ah well...that's the way it's been for all these years now...why change right?

Since when do you tell people what to get you for graduation?

I asked my husband if he wanted to make a bet with me on what his ex will get sd for graduation.  I'm 99% sure she will buy her a new car.  I was pretty sure of that before we got the news that she was going to making that haul everyday but now that she is - betcha it's a new car.  I wonder if that was dangled in front of her as a way to get her to live at home?  Hmm...  Anyway, my husband didn't take the bet.

Her mother's boss just bought sd a new laptop for her graduation present.  That was actually the gift we were planning on getting her at one point for her graduation but the ex told us SHE was buying it for her instead.

I've often wondered on the paternity of my stepson.  Wouldn't you if there was a guy that's been in the picture that buys kids and ex HUGE gifts (flat screen televisions, computers, trips to Disney, etc.)...kinda looks like my stepson (moreso than my husband)...ex didn't tell my hubby she was pregnant with my ss until she was three months along and they were living together...see the issue here?

Oh well...rattling over.  I see a long list of housekeeping that is just calling my name.


Anonymous April 25, 2011 at 8:42 AM  

We recently heard that if your child has graduated HS and will attend College, but still live with the parent, that Child Support still has to be paid until they reach 19 (we are in Michigan). Sounds like SD is already 18 1/2, and maybe it isn't like that everywhere... We will not deal with college for quite a few years, but was disappointed to hear that of course they are extending Child Support :S doesn't it seem like it would go to the CHILD instead of the parent?!? I mean if the kid is over 18, going to college, wouldn't the CHILD need the money?? (as you can see the BM in our case uses the $$ on herself) :)

Syn June 7, 2011 at 8:49 PM  

Our court order is MI and it stops at age 18 or graduation from high school, up to 19-1/2 years if they are enrolled in high school with a reasonable expectation of graduating. I've not heard of any changes in the MI law.

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