Religious Hypocrites for Good Friday

>> Friday, April 22, 2011

I was raised Catholic though I don't consider myself Catholic anymore.  Too much  hypocrisy, my idea of "God" is quite different than one that would send souls to hell, their concept of "confession" just bugs the hell out of me, and priests...well, there's been enough in the news that I don't need to go further.  My childhood priest ran off with his secretary in his black Pontiac Firebird!  Wonderful values!!

The point of this blog post - I'm getting there now.  Sometimes I get off track.

Facebook can be a great source of irritation where it concerns my stepkids.  Now that their mother is finally on their facebook (after I contacted her twice about my stepson's obscene vile he posted online because she wasn't supervising him), she can be a third source of irritation and laughs.

My stepdaughter (you'll have to read previous posts over the last couple weeks about her and Facebook) posted the other day about damn sluts who need to get the hell out of her high school.  Her mother responded on her facebook about how she'll be with the nice Catholic girls at her college soon (that's the $65K/year college my stepdaughter is going to).

OMG, did I roll in laughter.  Her mother pretends to be a nice Catholic girl.  The fact that she's had two kids out of wedlock, her and my husband picked each other up in a bar, she's never been married and had another pregnancy with a different guy besides the two kids she had out of wedlock with hubby, she hasn't gone to church in at least a decade and she's mean as hell.  Just screams nice catholic girl, doesn't it?

Perhaps spending $65/K a year for college is a way to buy back into that mirage of being a nice Catholic girl stuff.  Sometimes, the ex can be frustrating, annoying, hateful and hate-inspiring, but this morning, she's giving me the giggles over the hypocrisy.  Wow did I bust out laughing when I read that post of hers -  the hypocrisy that is the ex!  My stepdaughter isn't innocent either and the ex well knows it.  That $65,000/year should go far for both of them I guess.

Maybe that's why she's been even more hateful to hubby the past 16 years (moreso than when he lived with her) - he ruined her fantasy of being a nice Catholic girl when he didn't marry her and fix her sins (hide them for her behind a marriage license).


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