Update: SD Calling Me Out on Facebook

>> Thursday, April 21, 2011

I posted about a week ago about how my stepdaughter was starting crap on my Facebook with me.  See that post here.  The next day after that post, she did end up responding back with another comment of  "inappropriate!!" and then the one that made me just shake my head:  

" whatever, im not about to start something.aha"

Um, isn't that what you already did?  What was your point in all this then?

Here, stepmom, I'm going to give you crap on your Facebook in front of 200+ family and friends and then turn around a week later and request you and my father pay for my college books.  Yeah, we'll get right on that, darling.

Then...then...then...after calling me out on my Facebook because I called myself a "dumbass" in a private post for the "over 18 friends/family on my facebook" (I use filters) on my Facebook page, she just posted about "damn sluts" at her school on her Facebook for the rest of the public high school and family (almost 500 friends) on her facebook to see.  Hypocrite much?


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