Rub It In His Face

>> Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I don't know how hubby handles his kids.  I really don't.  They ignored him on Father's Day, his birthday, Christmas.  Everything else is always more important than spending time with him. 

My sd recently posted on her facebook how she had a surprise birthday present for her mom and that she accidentally left it out for her to see.  Post that on your facebook for your father to see, knowing you ignored him on every holiday this past year?  Does she not get how much she hurts her dad?  Does she know that just rubs it in his face?  Is she that oblivious? 

Tell me that kids aren't THAT oblivious to their actions and other people's feelings?  Of course, the alternative would be she knows she is hurting him and she just doesn't care.  Neither one of those options are good!


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