My 9yo reprimands her older brother (my ss) on his facebook:)

>> Thursday, February 3, 2011

My teenaged stepson was swearing on his facebook this morning.  Of course, his mother does nothing about it.  She must think it's just fine to cuss in front of family and young children. 

Well, my nine-year-old daughter did what his mother wouldn't - she called him on it on his facebook.  She told him to stop using potty mouth on facebook or in public.  I'm proud of my little girl!

He used to cuss like that here when we (his dad and I) couldn't hear him and we'd find out and my husband would tell him to stop.  However, we have no say over his behavior while he's at his mom's house.  He knows he can get away with it there - real obvious by the content on his facebook these last few months that the ex is aware of - things like cussing, calling his older sister swear words, posting his own homemade songs about oral sex. 

Kids will do what you allow them to do.  The ex allows him to do whatever he wants at 15.  Heck she allowed him to do whatever he wanted from the time he could walk. He is exactly who she raised him to be.

Now, after I am sure that my stepson has seen his little sister's reprimand, I will be blocking his facebook from her as well since there is no telling what kind of obscenities he will post next.


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