They're not coming, then they are but not sd...huh?

>> Sunday, February 6, 2011

Apparently, my stepkids were planning on coming here for Spring Break (though we had no idea).  We had sent the request for Spring Break to the ex back in October?  November?  Something like that and we never received a response. 

Today, my husband received a text from his daughter because she wanted to go to Florida with a friend instead of come here for Spring Break.  I had no idea they were even coming for Spring Break given the complete lack of response to the request. 

She hasn't been here since last April.  My stepson hasn't been here since...the year before that.  Yeah, whatever, go to Florida. 

So, is my stepson coming here by himself?  No clue but I'd be surprised if he did considering he just booted his siblings and me off his facebook.  I can't see him wanting to sit here with us, without his sister, while his dad works.  Actually, he'd be sitting here with just me, the stepmom he hates to make his mom happy, because my kids' spring break isn't at the same time as his. 

Maybe I can take a vacation at that time too.


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