32" Flat Screen TV Request from SD

>> Sunday, February 20, 2011

My stepdaughter gave her other graduation gift wish list for her dorm room to her dad yesterday (her first one has a new car on it - - we're leaving that list for her mother:).  She wants a 32" flat screen television.  Not a 22".  Not a 26".  She specified it to be a 32".  Kids put flat screen televisions on their gift list?  I'd like one of those in my bedroom too!

She also wants a movie projector but she doesn't know WHY she wants a movie projector.  Yeah, that makes a whole helluva lot of sense.

Apparently, child support will end but the huge expectations won't.

I just can't fathom my ever putting something that on my gift request list for any reason with my parents.  We didn't get big gifts for holidays, birthdays, etc. as kids and my stepkids always have the big-ticket items on their gift list.  As an adult, we still don't get big-ticket items for whatever the occasion. It seems more like an expectation than a "wish" from my stepkids and that rubs me the wrong way.  My parents also didn't pay for my college.  I did.  I don't understand the whole "hand out" mentality at all with everything that is expected from my stepkids. 

Oh yeah, since apparently she is now dorming at the college, college goes up to $67,000 and up for her first year!  Holy Money Trees!!


Tonya February 20, 2011 at 11:48 AM  

My SD is choosing to go to a college that is not accredited. Cosmetology school. She can't even get financial aid or student loan. Her Dad tried to talk her into going to a different school. No way. The x expects us to pay for college. NO WAY. I would love to go back to college and finish my degree. I am sure not paying for her. The divorce papers do not say one thing about her Dad paying for college. We are not!!!!!!! As afr as gifts, she will be lucky to get anything.

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