Trips to the Stepkids

>> Monday, January 10, 2011

4-1/2 months and counting until my stepdaughter's last day of high school.  I reminded hubby last week that we needed to start saving for the trip to their state to see her graduation ceremony.  He said we also needed to go there sometime soon for one of my stepdaughter's band things.  Huh?  We can't afford two trips in so short a time and we made at trip for one of her band things already.  He'll be making that trip without me and our four kids if he needs to make another trip up there for band.

Me?  Pfft!  I'm not putting out another $500-$700 ($300 dog kennel, $200 gas, $200+ food, etc.) on a second trip for two kids who ignored their dad on Father's Day, couldn't bother to even send him a card for his birthday in November, and then blew him off for Christmas.  Yeah, let me run right up to their state and pretend they didn't act like little turds!

I will go to the graduation ceremony where we will hug the kids who blow off their father year round and make meaningless talk with their mother and see the kids for a short time and then they'll blow us off the entire time we are up there, except for a hand out for the graduation gift.  The ex will probably extend a graduation party invitation to us with her family, because she'd look like a total knob otherwise, where they can stare daggers at us  (the same family who has a member that came after me twice when I was pregnant and I went into premature labor and my son was born with disabilities...yeah, sure, that sounds like fun!).  As far as the other trip, hubby can go by himself and save us all a lot of money.

Wow, can't wait!

Oh yeah, two months later and still not a word about spring break parenting time.  I wash my hands of caring about it.  Besides, my obscene stepson would just teach my kids things he shouldn't and I'd have to undo the damage he did while he was here - like mother, like son.


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